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1. Entire places renting - You can post places you have. You can rent places posted on the web site. 

2. Homestays & Rooms renting- You can post all type of rooms  in your places you have. You can rent those rooms  posted on the web site. 

3. Hotel room renting -  You can post all type of hotel rooms. You can rent hotel's rooms, all types of hotels, request a hotel room

4. Cars, Bikes & Rides renting - Post a car or bike or any rides such as horse, camels etc, rent out them. 

5. Tour & Travel services - In this categories, you can post tour or travel related any activities. Create an event to plan a group tour/group travel/hiking/camping or to promote your business.

6. Services for education, nursing, massaging, cooking, cleaning, construction, delivering, event organizing, etc many many. You can request services. You can promote your business.

8. Selling - You can sell a product you may be interested doing to earn while you work your own job.

9. Fundraising - You can fund to our system maintenance. 

10. Lost/found items - Post any lost and found items. You can also find your lost items. Find them. 

11. Dating bridge service - After receiving a brief profile of your match, our team will coordinate your date based on your time and venue preferences in person consultation to learn more about your dating history and  we can find how we can help you reach your relationship goals. In addition, meanwhile, we search for potential matches. We do all matches in person and hand pick introductions based on shared family values and lifestyle. An all in place for our customers!



At current stage without online transaction, 

On our policies, hosts set the cancellation policies and return policies that guests/customers can book or rent with. The terms vary depending on the products and the amount of time left before check-in. 

Customer is able to review the cancellation policy again before book.  Customer will find cancellation details towards the bottom of the booking product. Maybe, for some places, hosts offer a choice—non-refundable or refundable—each with a different price and set of terms.  You can discuss with product owners. After you book, you will see the details in the reservation confirmation email and on your trips page.

After active online transaction in future, 

  • We will update and allow all friendly cancellation policy for flexible, moderate and strict cases. 
  • We allow cancellations if the order has not been delivered for a full refund minus nominal card processing fees, if applicable.
  • We update and allow product return policy depends upon the condition of item.


  • We verify personal profiles, product listings and provide a secure messaging system.
  • we will do transactions using secured gateways makes payments safe and simple in future.

Our system,s product owners and all customers build trust and keep their reputations by writing reviews after each service for rent, sell, buy, and experience services.